10 reasons to invest in FullClear

We are looking to the investment community to help us achieve our commitment to ensuring that through responsible and effective line cleaning our customers can serve better beer and be better businesses. This will ultimately see FullClear become the industry gold standard for brewers, licensees, pub companies and all beer drinkers.

Here are 10 reasons why we think you would be wise to invest in a slice of our business.

Trial announcement with Bavarian Brewery, And Union

As we continue to gain exposure within the industry, more and more interest now comes directly from breweries who are keen to ensure their product is delivered to customers tasting the way it did leaving their brewery.

Bavarian brewer, ‘And Union’ have recognised this and as part of their commitment to craftsmanship and quality have chosen FullClear to trial in venues where their beers are served.

It can take many weeks and sometimes months to brew a batch of beer which can be spoilt in seconds if served through unclean lines, and with this being 1 in 3 pints in the UK, this is all too often the case.

FullClear are committed to becoming the industry gold standard for brewers, pub companies, licensees and all beer drinkers alike.

See more from and union by visiting the website: www.andunion.com/en/

We are Crowdfunding!

We are thrilled to announce our campaign is now live on Crowdcube! You can view our pitch and get involved by clicking here!

With nearly half of all funds raised in the first and last 3 days of a campaign, you can help us get us off to a strong start by getting involved now!

We are looking to the investment community to help the FullClear team raise a minimum of £250k to revolutionise the beer industry.

Giving beer a chance!