We are Crowdfunding!

We are thrilled to announce our campaign is now live on Crowdcube! You can view our pitch and get involved by clicking here!

With nearly half of all funds raised in the first and last 3 days of a campaign, you can help us get us off to a strong start by getting involved now!

We are looking to the investment community to help the FullClear team raise a minimum of £250k to revolutionise the beer industry.

Giving beer a chance!

With 1 in 3 pints served through an unclean line, we saw an opportunity to innovate. The beer industry is currently experiencing exponential growth with quality being at the very forefront.

We think it's only right that this deserves the most scientifically advanced solution and service to support, to disrupt a space which has been neglected for too long.

We are a nation of beer enthusiasts. As such, we are commited to helping people serve better beer and run better businesses which will ultimately see FullClear become the industry gold standard.

Why Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a modern platform to raise finance and build community. Crowdfunding sites provide a platform that foster creativity and growth with social and economic impact, values of which are upheld by FullClear.

Through this process we will build a loyal fanbase and gain investors to enable us achieve our growth potential.

The beer industry has experienced phenomenal success through crowdfunding. As a complementary service to a booming industry, choosing to crowdfund with Crowdcube was the organic choice for FullClear.

SEIS & EIS Tax relief

Under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), you may be able to claim income tax relief of up to 50% if you are a UK tax-payer. Take a look at the Crowdcube website for further information.