10 reasons to invest in FullClear

We are looking to the investment community to help us achieve our commitment to ensuring that through responsible and effective line cleaning our customers can serve better beer and be better businesses. This will ultimately see FullClear become the industry gold standard for brewers, licensees, pub companies and all beer drinkers.

Here are 10 reasons why we think you would be wise to invest in a slice of our business.

1. A job worth doing, is worth doing well

We understand beer line cleaning isn’t sexy (then again, neither is a dirty pint!) However, every licensee knows it’s part of the job. We have designed the user experience to be as simple, and rewarding as possible, including everything from the arrival experience to the intuitive ongoing support. We aim to educate and raise awareness, forging a new found understanding and appreciation for how imperative correct cellar management is towards achieving optimum beer quality.

2. Keeping up with craft

We don’t call ourselves a chemical or cleaning company. We are a disruptive biotech business with the intelligent partners and technology coupled with the sophisticated communication strategy to support customers. With the current cutting-edge techniques in brewing, we think it’s only right this deserves the most scientifically advanced cleaning service and solution to support, a space which has been untouched years.

3. A nation of beer enthusiasts

Whilst the licensee and employees understand the commitments towards line cleaning, the public often do not. As an ever growing nation of beer enthusiasts, quality is now at the forefront of the public's consciousness. Beer quality demands quality dispense management. We see FullClear being the new industry standard of ensuring draught beer quality and management. We intend to give the customer the visibility and understanding that any venue with FullClear will deliver the perfect pint every single time.

4. Away with the harmful chemicals

We’ve heard the horror tales of what can happen in caustic related incidents which can be a risk to both user and customer. Untrained and unqualified staff regularly handle what is one of the most toxic chemicals with no formal training or qualification. FullClear is a much more efficient, non-toxic and non-corrosive solution, giving users, customers and insurance companies the added peace of mind (and lower premiums!) 

5. How much waste?!

Each time a line clean is done, all the beer in the system is lost, quite literally flushing money down the drain! With current guidelines advising to clean weekly, the figures in wastage can stack up pretty high, pretty quickly. Whilst the cost of a bottle of beer line cleaner is frighteningly cheap, the cost of using it far outweighs that of FullClear which is able to save venues around £9,000 a year in waste for a typical 15 line bar representing a 70% reduction in current costs.

6. That’s not the only thing down the drain

Of all the water used during a clean, which is estimated to be anywhere up to 1.6 billion litres, a further 900 million litres of this is estimated to be contaminated with cleaning product. As we become more eco-aware and our social responsibility increases, the use of toxic chemicals on such a grand scale is expected to result in a change in legislation towards a more environmentally friendly solution.

7. A board of industry titans

Upon our board there is over 100 years of combined experience in beverage quality, leisure hospitality, bioscience, brewing and brand marketing. This ensures our business is the most credible source of industry knowledge and insight for beer keeping, with the investment allowing us to grasp the huge global market opportunity available to FullClear equalling attractive returns for investors.\he science bit

8. The science bit

We are proud to say our solution has undergone over 20 rigorous laboratory tests and over 200 venue trials, coming out top amongst all leading competitors. In fact FullClear is 96.7% more effective than the current market leader. Of course we know we know our solution is only as good as its adoption and use so we we are committed to quality communication. This is why we building a powerful co-managed service platform, in conjunction with Vianet PLC, the world leader in draught beer monitoring and quality control systems, to support our customers in achieving best practice.

9. What next?

How far can beer line cleaning go? In a predominantly untapped market, we are just beginning to scratch the surface of our global potential and we would love for you to join the journey. In a marketplace which is fragmented in its communication and method of best practice, we are solving the problem with technology and training allowing us to scale and standardise. You never know, we could just be the Brewdog of beer line cleaning…

10. SEIS & EIS Qualifying

Last but not least, under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), you may be able to claim income tax relief of up to 50% if you are a UK tax-payer. We’ll drink to that!