It's going to be a busy 2018!

As 2017 draws to a close, the hard work from the FullClear team is showing real results. Here is a snapshot of the year and how our efforts have put FullClear in the strongest position yet as we march into 2018.

January - April
This year was the year of product enhancement, innovation and partnerships. The first quarter of the year saw us ensure our product was the best it could possibly be. This involved rigorous testing of the new formulae and the creation of additional products. The results proved the efficacy of the product solution increased 400% with the introduction of the Activator. 

May saw FullClear become the exclusive line cleaning partner to Vianet PLC, the global leader in beer monitoring and waste management systems. Both companies now have clear aligned strategy, challenging current poor practices and bringing a joined up solution to tackle the quality opportunity available to venues and consumers. 

June - July
As part of our drive to become the industry gold standard, not only for products but for impeccable service and commitment to ensuring best practice. We set about defining our processes, road mapping our business development and implementing automated marketing activity. The foundations have now been laid and we have started to build a highly intuitive and robust platform, helping to strengthen our client and partner relationships. In a largely antiquated and fragmented market sector we set to bring a new slevel of excellence in quality dispense through educating people and proven processes.

In preparation for the Admiral rollout and their 800 strong estate, we continued to focus on the customer experience and ensuring a smooth and efficient on boarding process along with updating our training content. In the background... new product development also began, but more on that in the coming months!

We are excited to announce that we are on track for a record quarter and in the last couple of months alone have secured six paid pilots consisting of one major pub co, 3 mid-sized pub co's and two breweries and with a view to rollout after 3 months.

Proving the significance of our Vianet partnership, we have a further six introductions set to take place in the coming weeks as we head into what is set to be our most exciting year yet!

We'll drink to that!

Cheers, The FullClear Team