Frequently Asked Questions

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+ How often do you have to clean the beer lines using FullClear?

Our product has been rigorously tested on hundreds of beer lines to prove that cleaning only needs to be carried out once a month after the initial Starter Pack deep clean has been completed in the first month. It is important to clean correctly each month following our simple process. Please watch our process video on the "How It Works" page.

+ What equipment do I have to change to use FullClear?

None. Clean your beer line system using your current cleaning apparatus as recommended by your system manufacturer or brewery but substitute your current chemical for FullClear.

+ How long does the cleaning process take?

To ensure cleaning is only required to be carried out once a month the FullClear solution should be left in the beer lines for no less than 2 hours for maximum biofilm removal. FullClear can be left in the beer lines safely overnight. The longer the FullClear solution is left in the beer lines the better it does its job of removing biofilm.

We recommend the FullClear solution be left in the beer lines for as long as possible, even overnight. Our product is non-corrosive to your beer lines, seals or system..

+ How can I tell all of the FullClear is removed from the beer lines after flushing?

By flushing your system properly using fresh water as recommended by your cleaning system manufacturer. This will remove all FullClear residue.

+ Is FullClear safe to use?

Yes. FullClear degrades into harmless elements, meaning there are no harmful by-products left within the beer lines ensuring the cleaning process is completely safe. This has added benefits as some water companies charge premises more if they use harmful chemicals such as chlorine. FullClear is eco-friendly and can be poured down your sink.

+ Is the product corrosive?

FullClear is 100% non-corrosive to your beer lines, seals or system.

+ Do my staff require training?

FullClear does not require any additional staff training or extra safety procedures on how to handle. Simply switch to FullClear and clean your system as normal.

+ What if the type of drink pulled from the beer line changes before the next clean?

If you change what drink is pulled from the beer line before the next clean is due, then flush the line with water before connecting the new drink / keg.

eg. You run out of Ridge Beer and want to change the line to Budweiser Beer before the next clean is due, then simply flush the line with water. No chemical clean is needed.

+ After cleaning you noticed particles in the beer?

After cleaning, especially the first time you use the product, you may notice small particles of biofilm in some of the lines and which will quickly clear itself. These particles show that the FullClear has done its job and broken up the biofilm and contaminants within the lines.

Lines that have been regularly cleaned with Chlorine or other chemicals allow biofilm and contaminants to build up and block the beer lines as these chemicals cannot remove the biofilm entirely.

+ What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept the following payment options: Direct Debits, Mastercard credit and debit cards and Visa credit and debit cards. Currently, we only accept payments in sterling (£).